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Welcome to the Parish of Ashbury Neighbourhood Plan’s dedicated web-pages.   From this, our home page, you will be able to navigate to other areas of our site to find; details of the Plan Steering Group, minutes of meetings & other reference documents as well as posts updating residents on our progress.

So what is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood planning was introduced through the Localism Act 2011.   Such plans are created through direct engagement with the community they relate to, and provide the opportunity for residents to influence the manner in which their community develops.   By following the required processes such Plans become part of the statutory development plan for the local area to be used in conjunction with specific national and county planning policies when considering future developments.  

Our Plan is now beginning to take shape having commenced the drafting process and, having established the format, the next step was to draft the ‘plain English’ version of the Plan policies.   These are based entirely on the feedback from not just the recent V&O survey, but also those that have been conducted throughout the Plan process including those on specific issues.   This draft has in turn been submitted to our consultants for vetting [i.e. to ensure that our policies do not duplicate or contradict those at district and/or national level] and for formatting within a planning framework – a ‘planning English’ version if you like.

The intention then is to make both versions available to the community as a whole for comment and/or to address any queries that residents may have, with the aim of ensuring that the reasons for these policies are fully understood.   At the same time as the policies are released a spread of publicity materials will also be made available expanding on the background for each, and the steering group will also engage in other explanatory exercises in an endeavour to demonstrate that the views of residents have been represented as fully as possible.  

The steering group is still open to any comments/observations that residents wish to contribute, and some topics where this could prove particularly helpful are those of views, historic buildings and footpaths.   To explain;

  1. With the aim of protecting the character of the Parish we would like proposals on key areas to be made ‘designated green spaces’ whether these are publicly or privately owned – e.g. the field at Wixes Piece, the allotments, etc.   Related to this, and to the same end, we would also like your suggestions on key views within the Parish, especially those that may not be obvious to non-residents.
  2. Similarly, while many properties of historic interest within the Parish are ‘protected’, many that are centuries old are not.   We would therefore ask for help in identify such buildings and/or features [e.g. monuments] of the Parish you consider should be added to a ‘list of community assets’.  
  3. And finally, there are a number of ‘cross country’ footpaths that have fallen into disrepair to the point that they are potentially unsafe.   Again we would like to hear from residents if they can provide details of any that they are aware of.

If you wish to contribute you can do so via Email using; as we will continue to consider all such contributions throughout the process.   

Thank you for your contribution.

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