Photographs kindly provided by Dennis Chivers

Photographs kindly provided by Dennis Chivers (1)

Church Sunday School Class

(Back row: Cynthia Chivers; ?, ?;  V Satchwith

 Front row: Barbara Chivers; Barefoot (behind), Avril Chivers; Paul Tilling; Sister (Berrycroft); ???; Bearfoot (Pound Piece); ???; Gerald Chivers (at edge of photo)


 Above and below: Odstone Farm and Steve Drew (cowman)

Tom Chivers 1960 (Lived at 16 Pound Piece)

Old Billie Johnson near the Rose and Crown -1910

Billie at work at Kingstone Winslow Farm-1933

Billie’s Mother & Father

Bess Johnson – Billie’s Wife

At home in Billie’s Cottage

Photo taken at the rear of Ashbury School – about 1913

Photo of Ethel Chivers taken at the 1996 Village Fete, standing in the same spot as the photo above 83 years later

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