A420 Closure For 6 Weeks this Summer

The A420 Shrivenham bypass is due to be closed for six weeks this summer while it is completely rebuilt. Traffic will be diverted through Shrivenham high street. Although HGVs will be banned for the period, it is expected that the closure will cause widestread disruption, including increased traffic through Ashbury.

Ashbury Parish Textile Map

Thre was a productive meeting on 7 June and Stuart Roper (the artist) left with lots of ideas of things that could be included on the map.  It was decided that the map will be titled Ashbury Parish.  The map will include the 'essence' of Ashbury, Kingstone Winslow, Idstone and Ashdown, and when finished will hang in the Village Hall in a protective case.

The next meeting is on Saturday 19 July at 10.30 am at the Village Hall, when the artist will be showing his interpretation of the map, and a textile artist will be telling us how we can convert this into a textile map.  We will also discuss the process, the workshops we will be running, and generally how we can get started.  We anticipate that the project will commence in September.

We hope that most people who have expressed an interest in helping with the map will be able to attend the meeting. So far 43 people, plus pupils from Ashbury School, have expressed an interest in contributing to the map, which is fantastic!


Parish Council Meeting Monday July 7th
7pm at the Free Church

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House Numbers

The following is the official plan of house numbers in the High Street.
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Bus Timetable

Number 90 Go Ride CIC Bus Timetable.

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