Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Local Neighbourhood Watch Schemes (NWS) are effectively the eyes and ears of the police.

In Ashbury the NWS comprises a Chairman, a Secretary and local Co-ordinators for different parts of the village



Chairman:   Mr Roger Simons:  Tower Lodge, Church Lane, Ashbury,      Tel: 710801   or 07977 418680,  Email:

Secretary:    Mrs Nicola Foster: Waylands Lodge, Church Lane, Ashbury, Tel: 710838  or 07971 962693,   Email:



                Mr Kevin & Mrs Lyn Clark :  22 Idstone Road.                                                    Tel: 710326              Email:

                       Mrs Helen Hawley:  Honeysuckle Cottage, Kinstone Winslow.                        Tel: 710129              Email:

                    Mrs Marion Jefferys: 2 Wixes Piece, Ashbury.                                                     Tel: 710526               Email:

          Mrs Peggy Leon:  Millstone, Kingstone Winslow.                                                Tel:  710273              Email:

                              Mr Alex McGlashan: 4 Chapel Lane, Ashbury.                                                     Tel:  710754             E mail:

                              Mrs Anne Reynolds: Ridgeway House, Idstone.                                                  Tel: 07922 110914   Email:       

                                                                Mr Reece Rousell:Garden Cottage, Berrycroft, Ashbury                                     Tel:  710641               Email: reece rousell@

                                                                 Mr Vic Tombs: 3 Pound Piece, Ashbury                                                                  Tel: 710455

                 Mrs Marion Turner: Claremont, Ashbury                                                             Tel: 710302              Email:


            Sgt for Faringdon & Wantage Neighbourhood Teams:     Sgt 4715 Kev Hickman  

                                                                                                                           Tel: 101        Email:

                                                                                   P.C Support Officer:  Maralyn Pack   Tel: 07779 586392     Email:

                           Police Enquiry Centre for ALL non-emergency reports of crime and enquiries:  Tel: 101







Your local co-ordinator will introduce himself/herself to you and provide information booklets/leaflets.

Responsibilities of Chairperson and Secretary

The responsibilities of a local Neighbourhood Watch Chairperson are set out here, while those of the Secretary/Minute Taker may be viewed here.

Neighbourhood Action Groups (NAGS)

These are voluntary bodies dealing with grievances between neighbours, vandalism and other unsociable behaviour where police have been called. Roger Simons represents Ashbury at NAGS meetings and is invited to report back to Ashbury Neighbourhood Watch meetings.

The Police are very positive about future action in the event of “raves”. Any public reports to the Police at Kidlington should only refer to raves and perceived drug-related problems and not noise. Telephone number 101.

All complaints about noise must be reported separately to the Vale of White Horse DC, Environment Protection Department, telephone number 01235 520202 (out of hours 01235 524886). The Vale should take action after three or more complaints even out of hours.

Police Ringway Messages

Residents may apply to become registered recipients of police messages (e.g. information, crime alerts or witness appeals) local to the area in which they live or work; simply follow the “Neighbourhood Watch in the Vale” link below.

Police advice about safety and security in your home, your car and your environment may be read here.

Thames Valley Alert: Community Messenging

Currently only 2% of the Thames Valley’s population receives Thames Valley alerts. Are your neighbours, relatives and friends signed up? Every member of our community will gain from the knowledge that the Alerts system provides. Please help to increase sign up by encouraging people to visit and sign up to receive text, phone or email alerts. If you know of anyone who would prefer to sign up over the phone please email their contact information and telephone number to this email address. One of our administrators will be happy to go through the sign-up procedure with them.

Key Contact Numbers

Thames Valley Police – new non emergency number 101 Use this number to: • report a crime that has already happened • if you want a specific officer or department • all other queries
Crimestoppers 0800 555111
Crime Reduction Advisor – Roger Foster 01235 556611Sarah Merritt has left her job as Crime Reduction Advisor; Roger Foster will cover it until a new Crime Reduction Officer has been appointed.
Regional NHW Administrator for the Vale – Kathryn Gubbins 01235 556938
Trading Standards 01865 815000
Neighbourhood Watch in the Vale
Report pot holes directly to the County Council
How to Report problems related to “Raves”

To report “raves” and perceived drug-related problems call the Police on: 101

All complaints of noise must be reported separately to the Vale of White Horse DC, Environment Protection Department, telephone number 01235 520202 and out of hours 01235 524886. The Vale should take action after three or more complaints even out of hours.


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