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Emergency  Resilience Plan


Together with Oxfordshire County Council’s Emergency Planning Unit the Ashbury Parish Council has put together a Community Resilience Plan.  In times of emergency or other adverse events, the emergency services will always need to prioritise people in greatest need, especially where life is in danger.  Individuals and communities may need to rely on their own resources to ensure they are able to cope and to minimise the impact of events.  To help the parish do this, the APC has compiled a list of local people who would be willing and able to help.  This will help us provide more effective support to ourselves and also help the responding agencies (emergency services, local authority, etc.) in coordinating help on a wider scale.  You can find more information about Oxfordshire County Council’s emergency planning  here.


In case of extreme threat or potential immediate loss of life:  Call 999


In case of adverse conditions which require community support (adverse weather, road or farm incidents, etc.) please find a list of useful contacts:

Anica Alvarez Nishio, APC Communications Officer, Community Resilience communication-officer@ashbury.org.uk; 710 860; 07803 130321

Roger Simons, Neighbourhood Watch rogersimons1@outlook.com; 710 801; 07977 418680

Nathan Crockford, Oxfordshire Emergency Planning Unit nathan.crockford@oxfordshire.gov.uk; 07554 103506

Paul Mann, Oxfordshire Emergency Planning Unit paul.mann@oxfordshire.gov.uk; 07771 387416

John Lloyd, Shrivenham Parish Council, Community Resilience johnpat13@btinternet.com; 782 070; 13 Catherine Close SN6 ER

Rev Norma Fergusson rev.n.fergusson@tinternet.com; 710 055; 07799 545035


While the APC cannot publish the full details of the plan due to GDPR reasons, it comprises information on Survivor Reception Centres (short term safe places), neighbours who are able and willing to help and the ways in which they will do so, equipment that might be of use, other useful contacts and phone trees for disseminating information.  This is in concert with other local groups (Neighbourhood Watch, WI, Church, School, etc.).  If you would like to be involved in reviewing and updating the plan, please contact Anica or Roger (see above).


Kind regards, Anica Alvarez Nishio

Communication and Community Liaison Officer | Ashbury Parish Council


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