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Rubbish Collection

In October 2010 the Vale Council introduced a brand new waste collection service that permits more to be recycled than ever before. You can find out more information at the District Council website.

Home Composting

Around a quarter of household waste is made up of organic material. This can be easily composted to generate an excellent loam for enriching your garden soil. See also information below about brown box recycling of garden rubbish.

Recycling Centres

The nearest recyling centre to Ashbury may be found at Stanford in the Vale (Address: Faringdon Road, Stanford in the Vale, Faringdon, SN7 8LD).

Please note that small electrical items can now be recycled at all of Oxfordshire wast recycling centres, including items such as clocks, games consoles and hairdryers.

Water Butts

These can be purchased at local garden centres in order to recycle rainwater; they are useful year round, but invaluable at times of drought and hosepipe bans.

Garden Rubbish (Brown Box Recycling)

As part of its commitment to reducing the use of landfill sites the Council encourages residents to compost garden waste at home (see below). However, a brown box garden waste and cardboard collection scheme is now available in all areas of the Vale all year round. Once composted centrally the contents of the brown boxes are used on the land. Boxes are available in a large 240 litre size and in a smaller 140 litre size; they will be emptied fortnightly and there is an annual rental and emptying charge. For more information telephone 01235 520202 to order a brown box.

Oil delivery

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