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Call For Volunteers

The Neighbourhood Plan is now entering what is arguably the most important phase of the whole process, the gathering of evidence & data in support of what will eventually be the very essence of the Plan, its policies.   It is hardly surprising, therefore, that this is also the most demanding phase in terms of both time & effort.

The Steering Group are fortunate in that a number of potential volunteers have already expressed an interest in participating, and a meeting has been arranged with them for Friday 3rd February to set out what needs to be achieved before the Plan is finalised.   However, there is still time for other residents that would like to contribute to the Plan to become involved, and if that is you, all you need do is to Email us on and we will provide you with some further details on our Plan and the processes involved in creating it.

Alternatively, you could just turn up at the Village Hall on Friday evening at 7:00pm.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks

Very many thanks to everyone that completed our survey, some 28% of households in the parish responded – very satisfactory for a first effort.   Your feedback will now be used to structure the initial phase of the plan, and we will provide you with regular updates as we progress.

We can also confirm that we invited local author Nicola Cornick to make the draw from all the responses to our survey, and the winners/prizes in no particular order were;

Nigel Jeffreys – Bottle of Presecco

Audrey Tilling – Selection Box of Biscuits

Ian Parker – ½ Bottle of Cointreau

Alison Linley – Bottle of Red Wine.

Graham & Judy Clarke – Selection Box of Chocolates

Thanks again for your contribution.

ANP-SG 19.12.2016