Annual Report 2021-22

Ashbury Village Hall Management Committee
Charity No. 292821

This report covers the period from 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022.


During the year to April 2022 Chairman: Maggie Simons, Secretary: Margaret Smith, Treasurer: Jo Cholmeley, Booking Secretaries: Lynn and Kevin Clarke, Building Renovations Officer: Roger Baker. Additional committee members were: Julia Blake, Rev. Norma Fergusson and Richard Fergusson (St Marys Church) from 17th January 2022 , Rev. Paul Richardson (St Marys Church) until 17th January 2022, Eliza Lewis, Diane Lovegrove, Christopher Prentice (Parish Council), Sue Reade (Community Club), Pete Smith, Vic Tombs, Kate Watkins (Mother and Toddler Group).

Covid continued to be a concern throughout this period but committee meetings were held in the Village Hall on 6th October 2021 and 19th January 2022. Margaret Smith, Secretary, prepared and circulated minutes which are signed by the Chairman after approval of the committee and filed in the Hall Minutes File kept by the Secretary. Electronic copies are also available.

Fund Raising Activities

Due to Covid restrictions it was not possible to hold any fundraising events during this year.

Various classes, small parties and elections were held during the year bringing in some letting income.

Internal works and items

Textile Map: There was concern at damp marks on the inside of the glass of the cabinet, plus dust and cobwebs. The map was removed, dried and cleaned. Tubes of silica gel were inserted into the case to draw out any moisture.

Stage Curtain skirting: Diane has remade the front stage curtain and fixings were purchased to hang it on the new staging units.

Hand sanitiser unit: As the original unit was not working Pete Smith offered to purchase and fit a new one.

The legs on some of the red chairs are showing flaking with some rusting. It was agreed to clean back the affected chair legs and paint these with Black Hammerite in the Spring.

External works

External Walls: Work finally started on the front wall in the Autumn after erecting scaffolding. Chalk was brought from a local quarry but was cut in Bath. By January 2022 the worst area which needed completely replacing on the front wall was complete and it was decided to take down the scaffolding and wait until the Spring before working on the remaining areas which will require the occasional stone replacement as well as lime mortar repairs and repointing.

Roger Baker prepared a complete report on the condition of all exterior doors and windows. It was agreed to apply for consent to replace the existing front window with leaded lights which were the original when the property was built. We are currently awaiting consent. Peter King agreed to replace the toilet leaded lights. Quotes for the rest of the work would be sought.

Roger Baker continues to monitor all exterior walls.

Gravel Area at rear

Vic continues to tend the roses on the area.

Health and Safety issues

No issues were reported.


Kevin Clarke continued to keep the grounds tidy and the outside windows cleaned. Lynn Clarke continued to clean the hall weekly. Both are paid for doing this work.

Village Website

The Village Hall section of the website has not been kept up to date. Margaret met with Peter Cowx to see what could be done. Subsequently a small group of volunteers have been looking into updating the whole of the Ashbury website. To date no improvements have been made.


It was decided to organise a Village Platinum Jubilee Party on June 5th with support from the Parish Council. A second bank account was opened to keep the Jubilee income and expenditure separate from the general Village Hall money. An organising committee with members from the Village Hall and Parish Council was set up to arrange the event.


Balance at Bank a/c 1 as at 31st March 2022 £36013.79
Balance at Bank a/c 2 as at 31st March 2022 £2250.00
Black Rock Investment as at 31st March 2022 £161,591.40

Maggie Simons (Chairman)
Margaret Smith (Sceretary)