Speakers’ Programme for 2019 – 2020


Meetings commence at 7.30pm unless otherwise indicated


9th May 2019 at Hinton Parva
Competitions:  Bloom & a Shell
13th June 2019

at Bishopstone

7.00pm start
11th July 2019 at Hinton Parva
Dragons and Rescue Dogs
 Competition: Bloom & an item with a dog or dragon theme
8th August 2019 at Bishopstone
Auctions, Antiques and Treen
 Competitions: Bloom & a small wooden object
12th September 2019 at Bishopstone
White Horse Hill -Landscape with the Sky
Stories, Myths & Legends
 Competitions: Bloom & an item relating to White Horse Hill

10th October 2019 at

Hinton Parva

The Story of Pub Signs

Competitions: Bloom & a drinking vessel

7.00pm refreshments

7th November 2019 at Bishopstone
Tai Chi – Talk & Demonstration
Competition:Bloom & a Limerick:
There was once a fan of Tai Chi, Who………

12th December 2019 at Bishopstone

             CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS   7.00pm start

9th January 2020 at Hinton Parva

The Victorian Head Gardener   7.00pm refreshments
 with Francis Burroughes
          Competitions: Bloom and an old garden tool
13th February 2019 at Bishopstone
        Water Colour Painting
take home your own  picture
7.00pm refreshments
Competitions: Bloom and an image of a woman’s portrait

13th March 2019 at Hinton Parva

Competitions: Bloom & a Brooch
11th April 2019  at  Bishopstone
CHOCOLATE: with Jenny Martin
Competitions: Bloom & an egg cup
Points are awarded each month and prizes are awarded annually to the members who have gained most points in each competition.

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