Ashbury Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators 2015


Mr Roger Simons,  Tower Lodge, Church Lane, Ashbury

Tel 710801



Mrs Nicola Foster, Waylands Lodge, Church Lane, Ashbury

Tel 710838



Co-ordinators             Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Clarke                                 Tel: 710326

Mr. & Mrs. R. Gigg                                         Tel: 7103345

The Old Forge, High Street,



Mrs. Helen Hawley

Honeysuckle Cottage, Kingstone Winslow   Tel: 710129.


                                    Mrs. Eileen Law                                             Tel 710206

Inchmurrin, Kings Close, Ashbury       


Mr. Alex McGlashan                                     Tel: 710754

4 Chapel Lane, Ashbury             


Mrs. Peggy Leon                                            Tel: 710273

Millstone, Kingstone Winslow            


Mr. & Mrs.Reece Rousell                             Tel: 710641

Garden Cottage, Berrycroft, Ashbury


Mrs. Margaret Smith                                                Tel: 710800

The Bungalow, Church Lane, Ashbury


Mr. & Mrs. Vic Tombs                                  Tel: 710455

3 Pound Piece, Ashbury


Mrs. Marion Turner                                      Tel: 710302

Claremont, Ashbury                            


Mr. Martin Watts & Ms. Toni Besley           Tel: 710108

Thyme Cottage, Idstone          


Community Officer     Sergeant Ryan James                                                           Tel: 101


P.C.S.O                        Maralyn Pack                                                  Tel: 07779 586392


Police Enquiry Centre for ALL non-emergency reports of crime and enquiries Tel: 101


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