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  • Urgent Planning Alert from Ashbury Parish Council 5G phone mast installation in Ashbury  
    Last updated 6 days ago.

    Urgent Planning Alert from Ashbury Parish Council 5G phone mast installation in Ashbury

    Dear resident,

    You may be aware that a planning application has been submitted to install a 5G mobile phone mast on Walnut Trees Hill.  Details can be found at:


    Ashbury Parish Council is extremely concerned about this proposal, contravening as it does, three key policies enshrined in our Neighbourhood Plan (ANP), namely:


    1.  Policy 1: to protect the design and heritage of the built environment; specifically Policy 1.3 “not adversely impact… amenity of neighbouring dwellings”
    2.  Policy 2: to protect key vistas, specifically towards the AONB and the coombes.
    3.  Policy 4: to maintain distinctive rural character.


    Unfortunately, infrastructure projects are generally waved through under permitted development rights, so having our concerns about the proposal noted will be an uphill struggle.  If you share our worry that the special character of our community is being undermined by this sort of ’top down’ planning edict, please send in your comments directly to the Vale and add your voice to the growing chorus of objections.  We as the Parish Council will be objecting robustly and we will be asking our district councillors to ‘call in’ the application, which mandates that the decision must be made by committee rather than just by the assigned planning officer.


    To register your comment online, go to the application link above and click the orange “Comment Now” button.  It  is worth bearing in mind a few pointers about the way the system and the planners operate:


    1. a)  Stick to factual arguments about the planning criteria – the contraventions of the ANP, or demostrable loss of amenity if you live near the proposed site.  Subjective complaints (“I don’t want to look at it out of my bedroom window”) will be less persuasive.
    2. b)  What is important is the number of objections received.  A well argued essay, sadly, carries the same weight as a brief “I Object to this application because of x”.  So please be sure to share this with your neighbours and get them to write in as well.
    3. b)  Comment in your own words – identical objections that have obviously been cut and pasted by two different senders will be discounted as one.


    With luck, we can follow in the footsteps of Craven District Council, who have successfully resisted a mast installation in their neighbourhood:


    Thank you very much for helping to keep Ashbury as lovely as it has always been.  Please note that the deadline for comments is 2 November.


    Yoshi Nishio

    Chairman | Neighbourhood Plan Group | Ashbury Parish Council


  • Plans to reduce the 30mph speed limit to 20mph in Oxfordshire  
    Last updated 6 days ago.

    Plans to reduce the 30mph speed limit to 20mph in Oxfordshire

    Plans to reduce the 30mph speed limit to 20mph in Oxfordshire Ambition to create a safer place and a safer pace

    Read the story and watch the video on the Oxfordshire County Council website or read it below:

    Communities could soon find it easier to make their streets safer and more pleasant by reducing speed limits from 30mph to 20mph.

    Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet will decide later this month [19 October] whether to endorse plans to make it simpler to lower speeds to 20mph as part of its aspiration to see limits lowered on most urban areas and village streets in places where it is suitable and supported by residents

    Councillor Tim Bearder, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways Maintenance, said: “It’s a hugely ambitious vision for Oxfordshire that can create a safer pace and a safer place. Making 20mph the new 30mph sits at the heart of all our active travel plans. Without this shift we’ll never be able to persuade residents to make cycling and walking the natural first choice and reduce the dominance of vehicles in the hearts our towns and villages.

    “I firmly believe this is an important step on the road to improving health and wellbeing. Combined with other measures it can create healthy, dynamic community spaces. There is huge local interest and desire to deliver 20mph within the county and the proposed policy and approach should make it easier and more cost effective to implement.

    “We want the streets where people live, work, play and shop to benefit from this policy change with the aim to make Oxfordshire’s roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.”

    Last month, as part of the policy change work, 20mph limits were introduced in the south Oxfordshire village of Cuxham on a pilot basis, while four more pilot schemes are planned – in Long Wittenham, Wallingford Central, Wallingford North and Kirtlington – following consultations.

    Although Oxfordshire County Council would be working alongside Thames Valley Police, there would be an emphasis on drivers adhering to the new limits through a change of mindset, rather than enforcement. It is hoped that as 20mph areas become more common, breaking the limit would become socially unacceptable for drivers.

    There is a clear link between the speed of traffic and the likelihood of accidents happening in which people are killed or injured. You are seven times more likely to survive if you are hit by a car driving at 20mph than if you are hit at 30mph.

    If the proposals are approved, a countywide survey of parish councils will be carried out to understand the potential level of interest.

    The authority is committed to working with key stakeholders including bus, taxi, and haulage companies, as well as major businesses, throughout the process.

    More information, including details about how towns, parishes and villages can register an interest in bringing in 20mph limits, are available on Oxfordshire County Council’s website.


    For more information about this release contact the Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council communications team on 01865 323870 or email

    Last updated 6 days ago.



    Since the relaxation of many of the rules and regulations in July, we are very pleased and gratified at the disciplined sensible responses of everyone in maintaining biosecurity in the premises and continuing to use the services in the most appropriate, safe ways.

    We will continue to use telephone consultations as the default method, inviting patients for face to face consultations when necessary. All the clinicians scan their lists in advance and will invite some patients to come in to be seen when it is clinically appropriate.

    Keep safe and sensible. Covid has not gone away so we must continue to follow the government advice, get tested if we develop any symptoms which could be covid, and comply with the advice regarding isolation.

    The covid vaccine  is now available to all adults so if you still have not been vaccinated, please book yourself into a clinic by calling 119 or using the covid website or NHS app. It is still really important for as many people to be fully vaccinated as possible. Although the numbers are less than earlier this year, there are still hundreds of admission to hospital of covid-infected patients and dozens of covid deaths every day. All of the vaccines are far, far safer than covid.

    The NHS now recommends the gap between covid vaccines should be 8 weeks, not 12 weeks; if you have your second vaccine booked already, please bring it forward to an 8 week gap- you can do this online and cancel the existing appointment if necessary.

    It is looking increasingly likely that the NHS will offer covid and flu vaccines to everyone aged over 50, and all those previously classified as at risk. The vaccines will be given at the same time – “a shot in each arm” and the relevant clinics will be held at the Steam Museum. Booking arrangements have not yet been published.

    If you have had your covid vaccine overseas, you cannot enter this onto your NHS app. This is national issue not a local or Elm Tree problem and is not due to our incompetence, as a patient so accused one of our senior staff. NHS England is aware of the problem and it may restrict some people’s ability to travel to countries which require proof of double vaccination before entry. As soon as we get more advice we will publish it on our Facebook page and on our website. If patients have had vaccinations anywhere other than England (Wales and Scotland from end of July), their NHS record will not be updated.   For this reason they CANNOT book via 119 or online.  If clinically appropriate, patients should attend a walk-in site for their 2nd dose after 8 weeks (and not before), taking with them a record of their original vaccination.  They should not access a UK vaccine if they have had a complete course abroad solely to ensure a complete NHS vaccination record.

    Once again, thank you all for your patience and resilience.

    Elm Tree Surgery

    Useful addresses: › conditions › coronavirus-covid-19

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  • District Councillors Report to Parish Councils - August 2021  
    Last updated 6 days ago.

    District Councillors Report to Parish Councils - August 2021

    District Councillors Report to Parish Councils

    Watchfield and Shrivenham Ward

    August 2021

    Vale of White Horse District Council

    Covid – As things have progressed since our last report we are beginning to see a return of some normality. However, we must all be careful and follow the guidance. If  there are any changes the Vale will keep Town and Parish Councils informed. In the meantime we encourage you to keep a watching brief on the Vale’s website –

    Garden Waste Service – Residents will know that the garden waste service has been suspended for the whole of August. A review will take place at the end of the month to determine when and if the service will re-commence. It was unfortunate that the communication from the Vale gave such short notice. The Vale is recommending that garden waste be taken to one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres or to try composting.

    Voter Registration Letter – The annual voter registration letter was due to be delivered at the end of July beginning of August. It is important that residents check the details are correct and take action if required..

    Planning – Last month we mentioned a community consultation survey for a small affordable housing development in Shrivenham. To date there has not been any further communication or indeed a registered planning application with the Vale.

    Throughout July and the beginning of this month there have been a number of planning applications submitted to the Vale from villages within our Ward. There are two planning enforcement issues that are ongoing and being progressed.

    Oxfordshire Plan 2050 – The consultation on the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Reg 18 began on 30 July for 10 weeks. The consultation is online at The Plan will set out the framework for future planning decisions on housing and infrastructure needs.

    Joint Local Plan 2041– Work on this new local plan has started and more information is available on the Vale website: local plan 2041.

    Climate Emergency Advisory Committee – The next two meetings of this Committee have been arranged for 4 October and 10 January 2022.

    Electric Vehicles The County Council has arranged promotional events in Abingdon, Henley and Witney during August. It is anticipated that the installation of charging points will be completed by next March.

    Civil Parking Enforcement – The County Council are working on identifying suitable locations for on-street parking bay chargers. It is still anticipated that the scheme to be implemented by the end of this year.

    White Horse Community Lottery – The lottery was launched on Monday 14 June. The Lottery now has its own website: which provides all the information required to participate.

    Consultations – There are a number of consultations for people to have their say these include the following:

    New Vale Council website feedback and The Vale’s Great Green Recycling Bin Quiz. Both of these consultations are ongoing and comments may be made at any time. Details on the Vale website

    New Air Quality Website – Open until 5 September and is accessed via

    oxford city council’s consultation portal

    Have your Say on the Ox-Cam Arc – Open until 12 October and accessed via

    Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC’S) – Open until 27 September and accessed via the Oxfordshire County Council’s website Let’s Talk page

    Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy (OXIS) The strategy provides a framework for infrastructure, investment priorities and potential opportunities for funding and delivery – Open until 31 August and accessed via the OXIS consultation page

    Swindon Borough Council Local Plan 2026 – SBC are reviewing its adopted local plan to extend the period to 2036 – Open until 16 September and accessed via

    Swindon BC is also refreshing its Local Transport Plan – Open until 17 September and accessed via

    Swindon Borough CouncilNew Eastern Villages

    With effect from Monday 16 August major reconstruction work will begin at the White Hart Roundabout.  The works are estimated to last for 12 weeks. The roundabout will not be safe to be kept open to through traffic but access will be maintained for emergency services only. Traffic will be able to use the junction to leave the A419 southbound to join the A420 eastbound or to leave the A420 westbound to join the A419 southbound only. Diversions will be signposted. Obviously these works will have an impact on traffic flow and it is likely that villages will see an increase in traffic in order to avoid any possible queuing.

    In addition the westside of the M4 at Junction 15 roundabout will be closed weekdays from 12 August through to 7 September. No access on to the roundabout from the A346 or off the roundabout to the A419 northbound. Both east and west slips will be closed.

    The continuing roadworks in Swindon have had a knock on effect to the construction of the new roundabout on the A420. This roundabout is to serve the residents of Cross Trees Park and existing residents of Shrivenham. It is now unlikely that the roundabout will be constructed until late summer 2022.

    We have just received notification from SBC that there will be night works on both carriageways of the A420 at Gablecross from 10 August until 13 August between the hours of 1900 and 0600 and on Saturday and Sunday 14 and 15 August from 07.30 to 00.00. Temporary traffic lights will be in place to manage traffic.


    Although we don’t normally hold surgeries we are always available to deal with any issues.

    However, following the success of the event we held in Shrivenham on Saturday 24 July we have arranged another Meet your Councillors. We shall be at Watchfield Village Hall on Saturday 18 September from 1030-Midday and look forward to residents joining us for a chat about any concerns they may have or just have a moan about things that irritate them. All being well we shall be joined by County Councillor Yvonne Constance and representatives from the Faringdon Neighbourhood Police Team.



    Simon Howell – 01793 784491 –

    Elaine Ware    – 01793 783026 –


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