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The Marsh and Partridge Families

Courtesy Ann Disbury

The Tilling and Sherman Families

James Tilling left and Sonny Sherman right (courtesy Ann Disbury)


The Gigg Family

Sarah Trinder (Ray Gigg’s Grandmother) taking delivery of her 100th birthday telegram from the Queen (left) and being congratulated by Airey Neave MP (right) in March 1966 (Courtesy Ray Gigg).



Eunice & Ray Gigg on the occasion of their Diamond Wedding Aniversary 16 August 2012 (courtesy Ray Gigg)

Personal message to Mrs Gigg from the Queen 1939 (below left).

Message to Mr Gigg – part time Special Constable – from the Home Office 1945 (below right)

Certificate of Merit awarded to B. Gigg for contributing to the Nation’s effort to grow more food in time of need – 1946. (courtesy of Ray Gigg)

The Knott Family

Leonie Knott reviewing her husband’s (Peter Knott) archive collection of old maps

The Bunce Family

William John Bunce (standing left) and his first wife Nancy (nee Hale) with their children and 4 cousins outside Ivy House – 1905 (Courtesy P.A.W.)

Irene, Bert and Doris Bunce in the family trap outside Ivy House – 1905 (Courtesy P.A.W.)

Bunce Family in rear garden of Ivy House – 1905 (Courtesy P.A.W.)

William John Bunce 1930’s Nancy Hale – his 1st wife (Courtesy David Bunce)

Miss Hamblin – his 2nd wife (Courtesy P.A.W.)

Albert Bunce son of William, with Harold Pound 1914 at the wheel of a new Ford car that cost £125 (Courtesy David Bunce)

Mrs Albert Bunce with Nancy & David (Courtesy David Bunce)






David Bunce 2009                 Albert Bunce 1960


Nancy Bunce (left), Doris & Rene Bunce (right) (Courtesy David Bunce)

Rita and Barbi Bunce

Princess Diana, Eric Howie & Rita Bunce

The Reade Family

Eva Reade [formerly Eva Willis] circa 1920 (Courtesy Gordon Reade)

Frederick Reade (left) and Gordon Reade (right) – circa 1960 (Courtesy James Reade)

Prize bull and trophies awarded to F G Reade & Sons, College Farm, Ashbury (Courtesy James Reade)

Doreen came to Ashbury as Land Girl and married Gordon Reade in 1948 (courtesy Fiona Reade)

Gordon & Doreen’s 50th (top) and 60th (bottom) Wedding Anniversary Celebration (Courtesy Fiona Reade)

The Reade Family and Send A Cow

A chance meeting between the Ugandan Bishop of Mukono and an Avon Farmer (Anthony Bush) – led to a discussion on how farmers from rich nations could help Developing Countries obtain protein-rich food. The result was the setting up of the Charity “Send A Cow” which was launched in March 1988.

The following illustrations are courtesy of Peter and Fiona Reade.

May 1988 – Ashbury school children presenting Peter Reade with a cheque for £384.88 for Send A Cow. Peter is flanked by Jamie Starritt and Amy Leon who collected the most sponsorship money

June 1988

July 1988 – Fiona Reade receiving a cheque for £428.18 for Send a Cow from pupils of Ruskin Junior School

Tenth Anniversary of Send A Cow1998 (above)

Twentieth Anniversary of Send A Cow April 2008 – from the Church Times (below)

Group Photos

Home Guard from Shrivenham & Surrounding Villages – 1945 (Courtesy Gordon Reade)

(left photo) Derek and Gail Burden with members of the Ashbury Choir: (left to right) Gwen Winley, Ann Bunce, Sonia and Daphne Barrett. (right photo) Ken Weaver, Saxon Walker and Bill Pegg

Methodist Camp Meeting close to Ashbury Bungalows

Unknown Ashbury Function

Group photo taken in the front garden of Billy’s Cottage, Ashbury (Arthur Blake, Edith Black, Rita and Doris Bunce and others)

Sunday School Class – 1930 (Courtesy Gordon Reade)