Village shop

Ashbury Parish Council is seeking a new tenant to operate the local Village Shop. The shop is located at the corner of Wixes Piece and the B4507, the main road to Wantage. The shop has been in operation since 2015. The current tenant is ceasing to occupy the premises in February.

The shop consists of the ground floor of the premises with vacant possession. The lease holder will be Ashbury Parish Council and it is proposed that it would be a 7 year lease on a peppercorn rent.  One condition of the lease is that the shop be operated with reasonable and consistent opening hours, to be agreed with the council.

Most of the village would appear to prefer a combination of cafe and shop.


By the End of February: Any interested parties should notify the council of their interest before the end of February. This just needs to be an email outlining your interest and sent to the Parish Clerk at

By the End of March: Submission of a business plan to the Parish Council outlining how you will operate and fund the shop and the type of service you will be offering. The council wants this process to be as informal as possible. If you need help with a business plan, contact the council on who will put you in touch with someone who could help you. In addition the council may contact you for clarification if your plan is not clear or needs further explanation.

End of April: The council will assess the applications and a decision will be made on the new tenant by the end of April.

If you require any further information please contact the Parish Clerk on

Floor Plan

You should assume that the shop will be supplied as an empty shell (defined by the grey walls) and with none of the fittings shown in the diagram (the white parts – these were added to the original drawing as an example of a possible layout). There is a sink in the side room.  The Apartment, which is above the shop, is not part of the lease and there is no access to the apartment from within the shop. Externally, there is a small area between the shop and the Wantage Road which has been used for outside tables.