Village Green, playground and planters


The Village Green sub-committee has completed its remit and has been disbanded.  However any ideas for improvement can be communicated to Liz Derrington (, Julia Blake ( or the APC clerk.



I have taken on the care and maintenance of the little bit of garden next to the childrens’ playground in Ashbury. Once the unhealthy shrubs had been taken out and replaced with a variety of foliage and perennial herbaceous plants chosen for colour and blooming season, I only need to keep it tidy, relatively weed-free and dead-headed throughout the summer. I have a loyal helper and occasionally neighbouring householders join in and/or offer me sustaining beverages but I would be most grateful if anyone could offer me an hour or so when they feel the urge to don some gloves and pull a thistle or two! Please call me on 710776.

Julia Blake


Sue and Mick Stanford  care for and maintain the planters at the village sign on Ashbury Hill, Julia is caring for the planters as you enter the village from Wantage and Kevin and Janet are looking after the plants on the Idstone Road. This is a fairly new task for us so bear with us while we attempt to keep them tidy, colourful and welcoming at the lowest cost possible.

Julia Blake