On this page you will find a series of Archives that contain documents, photos, images and artifacts concerning Ashbury and its environs. Please note that all of the items included here have been kindly donated by local residents for your interest; under no circumstance may they be reproduced without permission or used for commercial purposes.

Anyone willing to contribute additional historical text or photographs to these archives should please contact:

The Peter and Leonie Knott Collection

This comprises a variety of Ashbury-related materials from maps, transcripts of old accounts of the village and its inhabitants and dwellings to prehistory and Peter Knott’s particular interest, the medieval settlement and its field names, on which he did considerable research. There is also a small number of local history books.  Digital scans of some of this material are available here

After Peter’s death Leonie deposited much of his collection with the Berkshire Record Office but the remainder, some of which is now superseded by on-line access, is stored with me at Claremont, awaiting a more suitable home.

The intention is to get some of this uploaded to the Ashbury history pages of the website but this is not imminent. Much of Peter’s work on the field names, especially his maps, is in pencil and will not upload successfully. In the meantime I am very happy to receive enquiries from those who are interested in looking at these materials in researching the history of the parish.  Marion Turner (

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Archive 1: Documents, Newspaper Snippets & Maps

Reproduced with permission from Ann Disbury History of Ashbury
Interesting facts concerning the Church and Parish of Ashbury (approx 1930)
The History of Ashbury by David & Edna Disbury 1968 (selected tracts)
Ashbury cum Chapelwick – A Guide Book (dated 1983)
Ashbury 1988: St Dunstan 909-988; Manor House 1488-1988

Ashbury Churches
Ashbury Churches – A Leaflet of Welcome (revised 2011)
A Pilgrim’s Guide to The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin (revised 2011)
Vicars & Rectors appointed to St Mary’s Church Ashbury from 1317 to 2000 (courtesy Leonie Knott & Margaret Smith)
Ashbury Primitive Methodist Chapel
Specification for Ashbury Mission Hall
Ashbury Evangelical Free Church Centenary Celebration Booklet – 2009
Ashbury Evangelical Free Church Centenary Celebration Photos – 2009
Ashbury Evangelical Free Church Centenary Celebration – 2009. Notes.
Ashbury Festival Programme 1980

Ashbury School
Bicentennnial Celebrations 1777-1977. Thomas Stock – Pioneer
Ashbury Festival Programme 1974

Ashbury Industry
Ashbury Saw-yard and tree cutting in Ashdown woods<
Bunce’s – From Small Beginnings 1976
Bunce’s Work Force (Courtesy David Bunce)
Bunce’s Snow Ploughs being tested In Ashbury (Courtesy David Bunce)
Bunce’s role during WW1 (courtesy David Bunce)
Photo of part of a consignment of Schmidt VP1 snow cutters supplied by Bunce’s to the Ministry of Transport (courtesy David Bunce)
Cottage Industries in Ashbury 1883-1893 (courtesy David Bunce)
Kelly’s Business Directory for Ashbury (dated 1891)

Ashbury Recollections
William Phillips’ tombstone – 1684: photo and inscription
Memories of Cyril Gulland – an evacuee to Ashbury at the time of WW2
The Water Cress Beds or Lyde at Ashbury (dated 1973)
Memories of Ernest Pound about The Lyde Whirly ‘Ole (dated 1974)
Poem about Billy Bunce by John Kelly – 1976 (courtesy David Bunce)

Ashbury Surnames
Surnames recorded in the Parish of Ashbury from 1841 to 1911 (A to Z)

Ashbury Postmarks
Early Ashbury postmarks (1849 & 1908)

Newspaper Snippets
Newspaper Snippets relevant to Ashbury dating back to 1881

Local Folklore
Percy Toplus (highwayman) & Snivellings Corner

Map showing Ashbury “Lots” (courtesy David Bunce)
Map of Idstone (dated 1886)

Archive 2: Ashbury Churches

Reproduced with permission from P.A.W. Images of Ashbury Churches may be viewed here

Archive 3: Ashbury School & Village Hall

Click here for a selection of Ashbury School images across the years. Do you recognise any of your relatives?

Click here for a history of the Village Hall and some of the events that have been held there.

Reproduced with permission from Gordon Reade

Archive 4: Ashbury Manor House

Reproduced with permission from David Hockley Click here to view images of this historic building.

Archive 5: People

Images of people who have lived and worked in Ashbury are recorded here. Reproduced with permission from Gordon Reade

Archive 6: Streets

Reproduced with permission from David Hockley Click here for street views in and around Ashbury.

Archive 7: Dwellings

Images showing dwellings in Ashbury, Kingstone Winslow and Idstone may be viewed here. Reproduced with permission from Gordon Reade

Archive 8: Post Office, Shop & Pub

Reproduced with permission from P.A.W. Click here to see how these key amenities have changed over the years.

Archive 9: Events

Recorded here are pictures of events, celebrations and outings. Click on one of the headings below to see the images in a new page. Reproduced with permission from Margaret Smith
Ashbury Royal Wedding Celebration Street Party 2011
Ashbury Flower Festival & Display of Wedding Dresses across the Decades 2010, and some related historical photos
Ashbury PCC All Age Parties – 2010 & 2011
Bishopstone and District Gardening Society visit to Eastleach House – 2009
Ashbury PCC Christmas Party – 2008
Bishopstone and District Gardening Society – 2008 Show
Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations – Ashbury 2001
Remembrance Day in Ashbury 1964
Snow Storms in Ashbury – 1963 and 2009
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – 1953
Other Ashbury Events – 1905 to 1960

Archive 10: Ashbury May Fayre 2008

Images from the 2008 May Fayre may be viewed here.

Archive 11: Antiquities

Click here to view some of the coins, jewelery, buckles, badges and pistol shot found by metal detectorists in local fields. Reproduced with permission from Richard Green

Archive 12: Archaeology

Click here to see photos of the 1963 restoration of Waylands Smithy.

Archive 13: Machinery & Equipment

On this page you can view images of old and new machinery, equipment and other kit made or used in Ashbury. Reproduced with permission from James Reade

Archive 14: Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2012

 2nd June – Jubilympics
 3rd June – Hog Roast & Big Lunch
 4th June – Mountain Biking and Jubilee Beacon


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