Birth, Baptism, Marriage & Death Records

Acknowlegement: We are indebted to Peter Knott who faithfully transcribed these records from our Church Registers, and to his wife Leonie Knott for allowing the records to be listed here.

Owing to the large number and detail of the transcribed records we have only listed on this web page the years for which records are available:

Records Dates
Births (not Baptisms) 1653 to 1662
Baptisms 1662 to present
Banns of Marriage 1754 to present
Marriages 1653 to present
Burials 1653 to present

Please note that Ashbury used to be in the County of Berkshire, but is now in the County of Oxfordshire; thus both Counties are cited in the records.


Graves in St Mary’s Churchyard were re-arranged some time after 1928; the layout may be viewed in Plan A (click here). This graveyard was closed in 1932. A new extension was then opened and its layout may be viewed in Plan B (click here).


The burial records include grave locators. They also show whether the graves are single, double, or a cremation. Stones are listed, as are confirmations from relatives of a grave’s existence. Age at death and/or date of death are provided for some entries. There are records of ashed scattered and also of inscriptions on gravestones.

Look Ups

We are willing to provide a limited “look up service” for family historians. Send your request to the following email address: Please insert Ashbury Look Up Request” in the email header bar and provide as much information as possible about the person you are researching and exactly what information you are seeking. Don’t forget to add you own name and telephone number.

Other Sources of Information

Oxfordshire Family History Society has parish register transcripts on CD for Ashbury (ref OXF-FAR01). CD’s can be purchased by contacting the Society. For further information and to check the cost of purchasing CDs click here.