Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – Ashbury Celebrations 1953

(photos courtesy of Ray Gigg)

Waiting for the start of the celebrations

Opening of the fancy dress parade

The judging of children’s fancy dress commences

Adult Fancy Dress: Michael Fitchet, Ernest New, Charles Welsh, Flo New & Rose Simpson

Henry Tilling with Rodney & Shirley in the shoe Fred New and Oliver Fitchet

Parade down Chapel Lane (above and below)

Ashbury Post Office with winning window display of Ever Ready Batteries by the Post Mistress Mrs Courtney. In 1953 the Post Office was located in the house opposite the Village Hall. Note the spikes on the window sill to prevent the children from sitting there.

Decorations along Idstone Road

Decorations at Jessamen Cottage Decorations at 5 & 6 The Malthouse

St Mary’s Church Floodlit (above and below)

Bonfire on Winslow Bank