Previous Speakers’ Programmes





May 2013 Resolutions Meeting The Decline of our High Streets and Town Centres. Mr Paddy Bradley
June Annual Flower and Handicraft Show
July First Impressions of a New Lord Lieutenant Sarah Troughton
August A Career with Horses Richard Waygood
September Come Fly with Me Cyril Mannion
October Members Meeting
November 40 Years of Catching Smugglers Malcolm Nelson
December Christmas Celebrations
January A Nostalgic Return to India Jean Campbell
February The Prospect Hospice
March Annual Meeting
April Changi Quilts Barbara Hately-Brown


May 2012 Resolutions Meeting
June Annual Flower and Handicraft Show
July Going to Blazes John Craig
August Diver on the Mary Rose Colin Fox
September Tales from an Antiquarian Bookseller Jane Arnold
October Members’ meeting
November Kaya Drums Alex Miles
December Christmas Celebration
January 2013 Mores and Mountains of Bhutan Jenny Greaves
February Roses and Castles/The Berks & Wilts Canal Jane Clements & Chris Coyle
March Annual Meeting
April Indian Saris and Fashions Demi Ladwa


May 2011 Resolutions Meeting
June Flower and Handicraft Show
July The Tulip Trail Dorothy Baker
August Alfred Williams Local Hero John Cullimore
September Poems and Monologues Paul Evans
October Members’ meeting
November Carol’s Wine Adventure Carol Whiterhead
December Christmas Celebration
January 2012 Treasure Hunting John Clark
February Personal Colour and Style Annabel Czyba
March Annual Meeting
April Kelmscott Barbara Owen


May 2010 Resolutions Meeting
June Flower & Handcraft Show
July Why I Love Farming and Eating Organically Helen Browning
August Crafts of the Waterways Susan Waldron
September The Harp and its History Christine Kinder
October Members Meeting plus Craft See and Try Event Our Members
November Liddington Hill – 6,000 Years of History David Hughes
December Christmas Celebrations
January 2011 Did You Ever Laugh at School Peter Owen
February Fashion and Textile Design Karen Pau
March Annual Meeting
April Garden Plants and the Use of Plants to Make it Work Peter Biggs


May 2009 Resolutions Meeting
June Flower & Handicraft Show
July Villages Around Swindon Ray Rummings
August My Year as Mayor of Swindon D Benfield
September Musical Entertainment Geoff Walters
October Members Meeting
November Learning a Foreign Language can be Fun Chris Polatch
December Christmas Celebrations
January 2010 Radio Stations Under Fire Brian Barber
February Emily the Victorian Cook Iris Smith
March Annual Meeting
April English Cheese Tasting B Partridge


May 2008 Resolutions Meeting
June Flower & Handicraft Show
July Gorillas in the midst of Conflict Iain Perry
August Buttons of Yesterday P Clement
September Behind the Scenes (life as a professional singer) Mary Tweed
October Digging into Family History M Smith & D McLaren
November Saris and Fashions Demi Ladwa
December Christmas Celebrations
January 2009 From Embroiderer to Textile Artist Kath Danswan
February Honeymoon Suitcase 1850-2007 Valerie Threlfall
March Annual Meeting
April The Best Job in the World – Chiropractic Barbara Minter