Wiltshire Federation of Women’s Institutes

About the Wiltshire Federation

WIs are geographically linked within 70 County and Island Federations, each with a regional office. Our own WI belongs to the Wiltshire Federation which has its Head Office in Devizes; it deals largely with organisational matters, and offers help and support to any Institute. Within the Federation there are a number of County Committees which together cover all areas of WI activity in the County; for example, the Leagues Committee, the Arts and Leisure Committee, the Workshops Committee, the Travel and Events Committee, the Membership Committee and the Campaigns and Communications Committee.

Wiltshire Federation Events

All the Committees of WFWI organise a wide range of visits, activities and competitions that are open to all WI members. Details are publicised in “Wiltshire News” and are also brought to members’ attention by our Secretary at monthly meetings. We routinely enter teams for the County Scrabble, Indoor Skittles and Whist Leagues and usually do well – importantly, you don’t need to be an expert, the aim is to meet new people and have fun. As you might expect, cookery demonstrations are organised by WFWI across the County; these offer a great opportunity to make and taste new dishes and also to exchange ideas. As well as this, there are many events at County level focussing on new crafts, either through demonstrations or workshops, or via more formal courses at Denman College. Most County Federations appoint a Science Representative and they organise at least one Federation science event each year. Upcoming science conferences, festivals and on-line lectures, both within and outwith Wiltshire, are publicised regularly in Wiltshire News.