Minutes 26.06.2016

Steering Group Meeting held on 22 June 2016

Present:       James Neil, Roger Baker, Fiona Jury, Jeff Kerton, James Greenham, Eliza Lewis

Absent:        Nigel Warren

Actions are in red

  1. Update on formal application to VWHDC
    Not submitted yet, RB to send additional input to FJ, then JG to sign and send to Vale Planning team, before Friday 24.6.16
  2. Formalise Group and choose chairThis will be a steering group, not a forum.

There will be formal terms of reference from the parish council at the next public meeting on Monday 11 July.  JRG to include on the meeting’s agenda for discussion.

The following group positions of responsibility were agreed:

Chair                        JG   Co-ordination of overall project progression

Communication     JK   Liaison with key stakeholders, other village groups, information publication, public consultation and communication (electronic and other)

Finance                   EL   Accounting, budgeting, fundraising and grant applications

Planning                 FJ   Project plan management.  Overall planning environment and legislation – input, guidance and drafting.  RB to assist where appropriate.

It was agreed that the core group will call on external village resources and groups for contributions, guidance, input, drafting and expertise etc.  Agreed that this will flow from project plan.

  1. Next steps
    1. A Project Plan needs to be drafted to give the project structure and direction. This will be a working reference document, subject to change and modification.  FJ agreed to draft before next meeting and circulate for comment and information.
    2. Group needs to agree how documents will be stored, modified, accessed and used during the project. JK will investigate and report at the next meeting
    3. Group meetings will be monthly to begin, regularity will be confirmed as project progresses. Sub group meetings may be more frequent at times.
    4. JRG will circulate minutes and suggest next meeting date.
    5. JK to draft advice notice to advise residents of group progress.
    6. VWHDC’s call for sites to be monitored and discussed at the next meeting (FJ and RB to research)