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“Fix my street” from OALC July 2019   Information on repair procedures


20190301    NOTES on A420 for Oxfordshire County Council

Dear Parish and Town Councillors

Please see attached a highways maintenance factsheet regarding ‘who does what’ at Oxfordshire County regarding the maintenance of the roads, pavements, footpaths and trees on the highway.

Hopefully you will find this helpful in better understanding teams responsibilities and the current structure in highways.  It focuses on highway maintenance and I will look to do something similar for other likely key areas of interest, such as Network Management for example.  We are also working on further technical factsheets following the pothole one.

I really hope you find it of use, but if there is something not on there you wish to know relating to my responsibilities then please do get in touch.  Please note this is for your information only and will not be made public like the other factsheets.  Please respect this as we need to ensure the public continue to use routes such as the customer Service centre, FMS or yourselves to follow up on issues.

I am also working with the teams to get the highways programme more visible and better communicated.


Paul Fermer

Assistant Director for Infrastructure Operations

(Highways & Transport Operations)

Highway MaintenanceFactsheet – Who Does What



2019.02.19  From Area Operations South.

Please find attached the up to-date contacts list and structure for Highways Area Operations South.

20190219 Area Operations South Structure